Skinetica is an anti-blemish solution that smoothes, calms and clears. It's fast acting, skin clearing and king to the skin. It's dermatologically tested and leaves no side affects. "Skinetica is a genuine product that actually does what it says on the bottle! A unique new solution that clears unsightly breakouts with visible improvements in 2-3 days."   

The packaging is simple: a plastic tube, blue green and white colour scheme, flip open top, nothing fancy, all functional. It looks like water, the smell is almost non-existent. The indication is to apply to clean skin (if you apply over a product, it wont work!) with a cotton wool pad twice a day, and let it dry. Once dried, it is chemically inert (it won't come off or dilute) and you won't feel anything. You should re-apply ever 12 hours, as this is the one application will keep working.      

The active ingredient is Quaternary Ammonium Chloride with a Sylyl base, to stick to the skin - none of the usual Benzoyl Peroxides and Salicylic Acids. Basically, it means that this is straight from a chemistry lab to work at a molecular level on the skin (the particles are really small and absorb quickly by the skin, staying put) and killing the bacteria.

I didn't notice immediate results within the 2-3 day period. However, a week later I did notice that my skin was looking a lot better and redness had reduced in size, as for the spots they were completely gone! Having used so many products in the past, this is by far the most quickest, effective treatment.     

Have you tried Skinetica? What do you think? 


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  5. I really like this product. I got a sample from glossybox but have yet to repurchase, it's a great product with great results!

  6. I've never tried Skinetica, but it sounds great. Will look out for it x


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