Garnier Moisture Match Ultra-Hydraiting Rich Cream: £5.99* 

Moisture Match by Garnier is a simple range that features five different products that aim to meet all skincare needs. The introduction of these tailor-made moisturisers ensures that skin doesn't only benefit from 24hr hydration, but customised active ingredients help to make skin look its best.   

I really like the packaging as each variant has its own colour which isn't only just featured on the pack, buy within the actual shade of the moisturiser itself. Created with nourishing but ultra-light oils, its texture is rich but non-greasy. With the cream becoming thicker as the hydration demands become richer.   

Goodbye dry is enriched with Camellia oil, known for its nourishing properties it immediately leaves the skin feeling soothed and silky soft. Nourished with moisture, the skin feels plumper and looks dewy. It also contains Mannose which helps to boost the moisture levels in the skin leaving it feeling and looking hydrated. Once applied the moisturiser sinks into the skin almost instantly. The biggest benefit from this product was the fact that it kept my skin hydrated for the whole day. 

Have you tried the Moisture Match range?


  1. My mum uses this and loves it as she has dry/normal skin. Mine is oily so I have never tried this but it sounds great xx

  2. This sounds lovely! Unfortunately I haven't tried anything from the Moisture Match range because it hasn't launched in Germany yet - or I just haven't seen it. :'D
    Do you know whether the moisturiser contains mineral oil?


  3. It sounds good! Might try it :) Thanks!


  4. This looks really interesting,might be worth a try! xoxo

  5. Aww this sounds so lovely! *added to the wish list* :)) Great post hun!

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  6. This moisturiser sounds fantastic! I haven't seen it in stores where I live though, hopefully it will come out soon! :) x

  7. I've seen this on blogs and have looked for it at my stores but no luck! My fave moisturizer is from Garnier so I have high hopes for this! xx

  8. i really want to try these new moisturizers - I requested a sample of the yellow one on the website... can't wait it arrives! :) x

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