While spending a lot of money of brushes, we want to take really good care of them. From washing them regularly to maintaining them. Washing brushes can be the most dreaded beauty chore, but washing them can lead the brushes to lose their shape. With The Brush Guard there is a way this problem can be avoided.  

The Brush Guard is a flexible, breathable tube (kind of like a Chinese finger trap) that slips over a brush's handle and over the bristles to give makeup brushes the best possible protection. Only The Brush Guard allows brushes to dry bristle-down so water can't damage the ferrule. The brush dries in perfect shape and lasts longer! With The Brush Guard in places, makeup brushes can go anywhere safely. 

The variety pack includes an Extra Small (Shadow), Small (Blush), Medium (Foundation), Large (Powder/Kabuki) These are perfect sizes and fit every brush nicely. The Brush Guard slides on the brush from the handle up to the bristles causing the brush to hold its shape whilst drying. The expandable mesh vents allow ventilation. Just have to be carful if you do slide it down too much, not to pull it back up as this will trap the hair. Instead, slide it all the way down.

This is definitely a great little invention, in terms with maintaing your brushes. I would highly recommend The Brush Guard. They will last you a long time and keep your brushes in brilliant condition.   

Have you tried The Brush Guard or anything similar? 


  1. Awww what a great invention, I really need to invest in some, they seem so handy!

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  2. that's such a good idea! never heard of these but they sound great :) x


  3. wow i didn't even know these existed!! thanks for sharing :D

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  5. I was about to try this! Thakns for this review!


  6. I really need to get one of these! I wash my makeup brushes like crazy so they'll come in handy! :) I hope that I can find them online cuz they don't sell the in my country! :(

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  7. I've never heard of this before, but wow what a brilliant idea!! xx
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  8. Gosh, I need them for my brushes! What a great idea!
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  9. These look great! I need some for my brushes!

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  11. Such a good idea! Xxx


  12. These look amazing I need these!

  13. This is a genius idea. I want!



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