A few series ago of The Apprentice (UK) a gentleman called Tom Pellereau came up with the idea of an S-Shaped file for your nails. He basically said that your nails are curved so why do girls use a straight edge file? The Stylfile collection, a range of nail files designed with a unique curved shape that follows the natural shape.

"The S-file follows the nails natural shape, making it easy to file your nails, even when using your dominant hand. For a professional finish, use on surface to shape and the other to smooth. Always file from the edge of the nail to the centre and use as directed. As an engineer I've specially selected the abrasive to be long lasting."

This file, like most others you can buy, has two surfaces; one to file, another to smooth. What makes this file extra special is the claim that due to the specially selected high quality abrasive, which makes it last 12 months. The unique curved design makes filing quick and easy.

I rarely ever file my nails, I always find a straight edge file awkward and quite annoying to use, just because of the shape. When I saw Tom Pellereau talking about this design on The Apprentice, I instantly thought it made more sense to have a shape that follows your nails, instead of a straight edge file. I now enjoy filing my nails and the shape of the file is so much easier to work with.

The Stylfile S-file is available to buy from Amazon, Boots and many other stores.

What do you think of the S-file? Have you tried anything from the Stylfile range?  


  1. I really want to try this. Will definitely be in my basket next time I do a boots shop. x


  2. Its a good concept but I think I'm too used to my glass nail file! :)


  3. The shape looks great, definitely need to check this out, it does sound good!

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  5. really need to pick this up! x


  6. this is such a cool invention haha!xxx

  7. I've heard about this before...very interesting product!


  8. great blog, great photos

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  9. Ooh I'd be interested in trying this.

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  10. Love the S file very handy and easier to use I would say :D ps I really love your birthday cake really cute makes me hungry :)x


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  12. Looks interesting, definitely very original! I would like to try it ;)


  13. I remember him talking about this on the show and thinking what a great idea! I've never seen them for sale anywhere though unfortunately :( xx

    1. Hi Hannah, where are you from? They are available in a lot of stores now, there is a store locator on their website, which you can have a look here.

      Hope this help.


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